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Straightening a Bent 1U Server Chassis

I recently acquired a new (used) server which was damaged in shipping.1 Luckily the damage wasn't anything serious, just a slightly bent frame.

In order to have any hope of fixing this I'd first have to remove the motherboard. As you can see, none of the internals appear damaged. It seems like the PCI riser's bracket [...]

Guanacaste, San Jose, and Arenal: Two Months in Costa Rica

It's been almost two months since we escaped the godforsaken hellhole known to normies as the United States. Turns out we got out just in time too, since a "global pandemic"1 came along a week later and finally gave the USG the pretense it needed to put all of the serfs on indefinite house arrest2.
Costa [...]

Travelog: Costa Rica

I made the trip to Costa Rica again about two six weeks ago to close on a property I first visited in August. The property is a small ranch type plot of land about 30 minutes in from the northern pacific coast of Costa Rica. This appealed to me because it would keep me well [...]