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Running MP-WP on a Modern Musl-Based Gentoo

A lot has changed since I last wrote a guide on installing and running MP-WP. For one, the previous article reads like pure cringe when I go back and look at it now. I was more concerned with exhibiting the right affectations than producing something truly useful. Whatever usefulness (if any) it served at the [...]

The MP-WP Weightloss Program: Removing JavaScript

This is the second major slimming patch for mp-wp and the result is a streamlined mp-wp roughly half the size of the original genesis, all without removing anything that actual people actually use. The following are the stats for this patch:

Updated Vpatch: Add Embeddable Codeblocks and Server-Side Select Mechanism

See below for the updated embeddable codeblocks patch. This is the third iteration after the first two discussions. This patch also now contains the server-side select mechanism, including the updates to xmlrpc.php. The functionality is included in what is now the MP-WP Content Processing plugin so it will work across all themes without modification.

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