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Bitdash Crawler: Geolocation, Time Series Data Collection, and an IRC Bot

The Bitdash Crawler has been running steadily since August of last year. The first release was minimal—only the basic crawling functionality, and only collecting data returned directly by the probed nodes. This patch adds additional data collection, as well as a new IRC interface for basic status reports.
Geolocation Data
When I first looked into adding this [...]

Patch Fixes for the Logotron and Bitdash Crawler

Two quick patches to fix two small bugs, one for the logotron and one for the bitdash crawler. The logotron patch fixes a css bug in the classic theme where multiple selected loglines would have their highlight rendered incorrectly. The crawler patch fixes the name of the unique index on the host field and drops [...]

Bitdash Crawler: A Watchglass-Based Bitcoin Network Crawler

Introducing the Bitdash Crawler, a simple Bitcoin network crawler that leverages Watchglass to interface with the Bitcoin network protocol. I decided to write this tool because other Bitcoin network monitoring tools no longer publish results for TRB, which used to be the only reason I bothered checking those sites in the first place. What I [...]