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Running MP-WP on a Modern Musl-Based Gentoo

A lot has changed since I last wrote a guide on installing and running MP-WP. For one, the previous article reads like pure cringe when I go back and look at it now. I was more concerned with exhibiting the right affectations than producing something truly useful. Whatever usefulness (if any) it served at the [...]

MP-WP Automated Testing Proposal and VPatch

The following is presented for the consideration of the lords and ladies of tmsr.
Automated End-To-End Testing
Since mp-wp is a web application consisting of a frontend and a backend, my proposal is to handle testing via end-to-end tests run in the browser itself. This will unfortunately require the operator to run the tests on a toilet [...]

The MP-WP Weightloss Program

This is the first patch in a series of slimming patches for mp-wp. The biggest savings comes from the removal of TinyMCE, a JavaScript library for rendering "WYSIWYG"1 text editing boxes for the types of users who might fall and hurt themselves if, god forbid, they had to write some HTML tags by hand.
Additionally, all [...]

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