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Minor mp-wp patch updates

Sunday, January 13th, 2019

A few small formatting issues came through in my first two mp-wp patches. Hanbot caught one in the .svg file extension patch. The other, in the footnotes and text-selection patch, I noticed myself after deploying the changes on this blog. Nothing was broken, just some stray text showing up in the footer of the rendered page that should have been parsed as a comment.

Current Patches

Get the latest patches for mp-wp here

Old Versions

For auditing purposes only. The patches and signatures have been updated in place on this blog, so the previous posts describing them point to the new versions. For reference only, copies of the old patches and signatures can be found here:


MP-WP Vpatch: Update internal image references to point to .svg extensions

Monday, January 7th, 2019

There was a small, albeit widespread, bug in the original mp-wp genesis vpatch that resulted in broken image references throughout the site (admin panel as well as blog themes). This vpatch simply updates any and all internal image references to point to the correct .svg file extension.

Here is the vpatch, signature, and my key:

Pressing mp-wp from this patch

If you don't already have a copy of the previous patches you can grab the files you need from this blog. I added the new mirror of the mp-wp vtree for convenience and redundancy, and because it was suggested to me in #trilema.

Import both hanbot's and my key to your gpg keyring and construct your working directory to contain the following:


If this looks right, you can now press mp-wp into the v_press directory (or whatever you want to call it):

./ p v v_press mp-wp_update-image-references-to-svg.vpatch

Result of pressing from this patch vs. previous patches in the vtree



Additional work

It's been quite a pleasure thus far working on mp-wp using v. I have a few ideas for future mp-wp work, and I know there are others floating around, but outlining them will have to come in a later post, perhaps after some discussion.