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Bitdash Crawler: Geolocation, Time Series Data Collection, and an IRC Bot

The Bitdash Crawler has been running steadily since August of last year. The first release was minimal—only the basic crawling functionality, and only collecting data returned directly by the probed nodes. This patch adds additional data collection, as well as a new IRC interface for basic status reports.
Geolocation Data
When I first looked into adding this [...]

New Logotoron Patches: Bug Fixes and Enhancements

I've put together another small set of patches for asciilifeform's logotron1. Some of the changes are small adjustments I've been running on my copy for a while now, a few are necessary updates for working with the Pest network, and lastly there's a more critical fix for a bug that was discovered recently by a [...]

Adding Postgres Auto-Reconnect to the Logotron's IRC Bot

I've been using asciilifeform's logotron to power my IRC logger for a while now. The setup consists of an IRC bot and a Flask-based web app, both connected to a Postgres database. I run it on a simple Rockchip machine alongside my Bitcoin network crawler, which also uses Postgres. For some reason every couple of [...]

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