Archive for February, 2022

Building TRB on a 2022 Vintage Musl Gentoo

I've been working on a new musl-based Gentoo build for my ThinkPad X1 Carbon (Gen 6) laptop. I recently popped in a new 2TB Samsung 970 EVO NVMe SSD since the original 512GB SSD was feeling a little cramped with the weight of Bitcoin's blockchain now approaching 400GB. Unlike my last Gentoo build on an [...]

New Logotoron Patches: Bug Fixes and Enhancements

I've put together another small set of patches for asciilifeform's logotron1. Some of the changes are small adjustments I've been running on my copy for a while now, a few are necessary updates for working with the Pest network, and lastly there's a more critical fix for a bug that was discovered recently by a [...]

Adding Postgres Auto-Reconnect to the Logotron's IRC Bot

I've been using asciilifeform's logotron to power my IRC logger for a while now. The setup consists of an IRC bot and a Flask-based web app, both connected to a Postgres database. I run it on a simple Rockchip machine alongside my Bitcoin network crawler, which also uses Postgres. For some reason every couple of [...]