Additional tests for mp-wp, now according to spec

After the first round of tests and some discussion in the logs, there is now a spec in place for a minimum viable blogging platform. The tests included in this patch evaluate against a portion of the requirements in the spec, with remaining requirements to be covered in future patches.

Together with the first round of tests, mp-wp-tests now provides coverage for most1 of the Write section of the spec.

The full tree can now be found here: MP-WP-Tests VTree.

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  1. The tests to do not yet cover: multi-file upload, programmable tag presets, reviewable/diffable list of drafts, and time-deferred publishing []

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  1. Hey, I was thinking of trashing the whole trilema trackback pile as extant, and having them re-done in the new manner (ie, using the new #select mechanism). Since you've been digging through its guts the most recently, do you see a quick and easy way to do this ?

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