Additional Tests for MP-WP, Now According to Spec

September 2nd, 2019

After the first round of tests and some discussion in the logs, there is now a spec in place for a minimum viable blogging platform. The tests included in this patch evaluate against a portion of the requirements in the spec, with remaining requirements to be covered in future patches.

Together with the first round of tests, mp-wp-tests now provides coverage for most1 of the Write section of the spec.

The full tree can now be found here: MP-WP-Tests VTree.

Patch and Signature


  1. The tests to do not yet cover: multi-file upload, programmable tag presets, reviewable/diffable list of drafts, and time-deferred publishing []
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  1. Hey, I was thinking of trashing the whole trilema trackback pile as extant, and having them re-done in the new manner (ie, using the new #select mechanism). Since you've been digging through its guts the most recently, do you see a quick and easy way to do this ?

  2. billymg says:

    First, apologies for the delay, I'm just now getting back from travels. I am not familiar with how the trackbacks currently work so I can't say what it would take to rip that out but I'm happy to look into it.

    When you say "using the new #select mechanism", are you referring to the recently implemented server-side text highlighting feature? If so, I don't yet see how they relate and would need a bit more detail.

    On the surface this doesn't seem like a particularly heavy task, and it would be nice to take a break from writing tests and dive back into the codebase again.

  3. > First, apologies for the delay

    No worries, srsly.

    > If so, I don't yet see how they relate and would need a bit more detail. >> trilema trackbacks now use the new select mechanism to link specific portions of text rather than simply the article. It's not quite 100%, but imo a damn sight better than before

  4. billymg says:

    Alright, I think this will require some more digging to fully understand how all the pieces fit together in the ball of yarn that is xmlrpc.php. I'll try to give it some time this weekend to see how much of it I can digest.

    However, for the past few weeks I've been on a new assignment in the salt mines which leaves little time/energy for much else. It's not for nothing though, in fact it's very much strategically +ev for me. The reason being, printolade aside, this project has me working with (and even designing for) a real systems-level lang, where previously I was just churning out javascript. I've been learning a ton and in terms of operation clean break I really couldn't have asked for a better send-off.

    Speaking of the plan... I now have something in CR very close to secured. It's a purchase so the paperwork and correspondence involved has been eating up a good chunk of time as well, but, when it's all done, I should be able to gtfo sometime in January. Permanently.

    I'm completely excited about the entire thing. I didn't mean to spill it all out in a comment but this discussion seemed to finally prompt an explanation.

  5. Diana Coman says:

    Congrats on the clean break & escape. What plans do you have from January on?

  6. billymg says:

    My top priority will be learning Spanish and getting through the backlog of mp-wp work I want to see done. I'd also like to work through SICP and alf's FFA chapters.

    Once I feel comfortable in my new environment I would want to stand up my own castle, perhaps with a "design" angle to try to funnel in some of the elusive artist types. Outside of those pursuits I'll be exploring various IRL business ideas to see if I can make anything work to produce some income. Details around that are still sparse but I'm confident with full-time dedication I can figure something out (hopefully).

  7. Diana Coman says:

    Sounds like a plan. Good luck!

  8. Hey, I guess you get a steak once I'm back in CR next year.

    Design castle'd be pretty fucking sweet, fo sho.

  9. billymg says:

    @Diana Coman ty : )
    @Mircea Popescu That sounds awesome

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